Revoltech Ayanami Rei

Well, its two in the morning and I am still not asleep despite the fact that in a few hours time I will be driving up North to Ipoh for a system relocation job. Maybe its the Kung-Fu Panda soundtrack which I am listening now, on the headphones, on the track of "Oogway Ascends". Its a very sad melody but yet it gives you hope and a bit of happiness and peace at the same time. Its like in a movie, the Hero has to go away and yet tells you not to grieve but be happy for them. Anyway, I think I want to get this soundtrack CD.

Anyway, with the broken tripod, I managed to get some decent shots of the new toy I just bought from ShiokToys for RM75.00 after dropping Nexus off the other day at The Curve. The new toy is a Revoltech Ayanami Rei figure. Right now, on the market, there are two versions of the Ayanami Figure: The normal figure which comes with two pairs of extra hands and the Staff of Longinus. The bandaged version has more accessories such as another head but with eyes open but you're stuck with the bandaged hands though. Opening the box, I was surprised that the figure is made from soft plastic. But once I get over it, the figure is quite nice to play with and it really can do a lot of poses. The only problem is that I like my figures to stand straight and because of the ELF joints, the angles on her feet does not have the "flat surface"setting. So, you'd have to use the stand to help her stand but she wuold look as if she is floating like an Angel.......

Ayanami Rei, Ayanami Rei. A clone with blue hair and red eyes.
Lonely, withdrawn, behaves like a Vulcan and pilots a huge
bio-mecha. Yet, she is still a kid

From the box, is the figure, two sets of hands, a 2-piece Longinus,
and a little cute black base.

Rei is only a 1/6th scale figure, hence she is
about 5 3/4 inch tall!

After my man-handling her, she's all in pieces! With the unique
E.L.F. joints, and her set of extra hands, I can literally re-create
her into something else but after thinking about a 4-handed Rei,
I decided not to. It might give me nightmares

Ayanami Rei modelling my wireless mouse