The Writer's Academy 3rd Batch Graduate

Just been back from The Writer's Academy in Bangsar where they're having a Graduation for the Third Batch of students. I was busy snapping so, I must apologise if I cannot identify most of the shots as I rushed back from work for this. Lots of photos, though.

Choose your Destiny


Here comes the Graduates

There were thirteen of them

Erm, forgot who he was

Janet: "Let me tell you what they have gone through..."

The Graduates all lined up

The Principle

The 11/13 Group shot

The Gallery showcasing the Graduate's work

Very inspiring stuff

The party's over but ..........

"How I wished I could be in there"

The End

She's back

Yep, SHE is back

What does this mean? More stuff to read la, you tink wat?

The Unfair Race

I just got this from the Forum (thanks to Virlution) and it has a lot of meaning. Even the title. This is why things afre never equal.

Ah Meng is a 100 meter sprinter, he only have one opponent, Johari. Everyday, he would race with Johari to see who finish first. The thing that Ah Meng do not understand, is why Johari is allowed to start at the 50 meter mark when Ah Meng have to start running at the 0 meter mark. Well, Ah Meng kept on competing with Johari everyday, and kept loosing everyday.

One day, Ah Meng finally gave up, he realized that it is impossible for him to beat Johari when he has to start with such a big deficit. He tried so much to complain to the judge, but the judge just told him that this is the way it is.

Up to the moment when Ah Meng is about to quit racing, come Master Foo.

Ah Meng: This is so unfair, why do I have to start at 0 meter when Johari can start at 50 meter? It is impossible to win the race! This is insane, I am not going to compete anymore, I give up.

Master Foo: Do you know what is your goal in the race?

Ah Meng: Well, obviously, to finish first!

Master Foo: Who told you that?

Ah Meng: ...

Master Foo: For Johari, his goal is to finish first, but for you, the goal is different. Your goal is to train yourself to be able to run faster. Just because Johari knew that you will always loose, and there is no way that you could finish in front of him, he have stopped improving his maximum speed. But for you, your muscles have became stronger, and
your maximum speed have increased because you kept on trying to run as fast as you can. That you will be able to beat him anytime if both of you start at the same spot.

Upon hearing this, Ah Meng was enlightened.

Oh, right!

A conversation which I wished did take place:


#1: Hello, little girl. What's your name?
#2: Her name is Lil'lian
#1: Lillian?
#2: Yes, I named her because our surname is Lian
#1: I see. So, it would be embarassing if you start to call her Ah Lian?
#2: Yes, thats right. And we have a problem with her younger sister too
#1: Oh,why is that?
#2: Her name is Lian also
#1: So how did you solve this problem?
#2: Considering she is the youngest of the two, we call her Lil'Lian Two.

I wonder how this sounds if someone else can convert this to Hokkien, and other dialects


Just the other day, Rachel told me about Too Yoon Yuen who came, on August 1st.

She could have changed my life forever but that was quite a while ago.

Could I?

Should I?

Whatever it was, this is my life and now, I have no regrets.

Adsolutely no regrets.