Mixing drinks

Its a boring night because I do not watch the World Cup. So, since I had some leftover softdrinks.........

Mix one part Mirinda Fruit V with one part Mirinda Strawberry

And you have an awful looking drink,
which looked more like carbonated blood.
Believe you me, it tasted better with ice
And on a full stomach too

Cables that pisses me off

Sometimes, during installations, you have to deal with a lot of cables. And also, they are labeled cryptically. So, in the end, you would be wasting a lot of time just trying to separate them. Normally, we just terminate them and get on with our lives but in this case, the Main Contractor just refused to tell us which cables are for what. Yes, I could just terminate them and be done with it but we do not want to cause any unnecessary conflicts.

This is a very cheap cable. The outer grey sheath sticks to the inner cables.
When you strip the main sheath, the inner cables would come off as well
This exposes the wires and causes a short

One bunch goes to the main table, the other goes to administration.
The rest are for future expansion as you cannot just break up the
marble tile flooring (in the future)to lay the cables. The only
problem is, which is which. Took us hours to separate them

I really hate this one. Its a Gel-filled cable. The outer
black sheath is quite tough. Next is the metal shielding
before we get to the 10-pairs of cables itself. What I
really hate is that the cables inside were coated with
gel which reminds me of those sticky half-frozen fat.
When you get them on your fingers, the sticky goo will
spread everywhere. And everything you touch will be
sticky and icky. Good luck with normal soap and water.
When I am in the mood, I will blog about this cable later.

And at this time, your nose or ears will usually start to itch

Fibre Optic cables

After discovering that their equipment can't display World Cup matches
they decided to start work

Really, it just can't seem to receive Television Images

But it just looked so cute and important, sitting there, displaying technical
readouts like some expensive equipment.
I want one!

Its not easy to get these fibre-optics done up
They were testing and cutting a lot of time

System Installation @ Kuantan II

In most installations, all the systems were wall-mounted. And depending on the types of wall, be it contrete or plaster, the usual procedure applies. The only difference is in how you want you holes to be done. It must be done right, so you get a tight fit or else everything will fall on you.

OK, so the wall is made of plaster instead of concrete
So, its a simple matter of make a hole with your screwdriver

Then you open up the wood plug like a flower on one end
and shove it into the hole

Then you screw the hole with the flower in it

Or you can get a handsome gut with a sexy butt to do the screwing

Oh, I see. So this is where they hid the rest of the system.....

So, the System has been mounted and most of the cables
has been terminated into the junction box