Trip to the Museum

Today, I decided to take Kaelynn to the National Museum after dropping Kristine off to her Martial Arts class. There is another reason why I wanted to go there. It was because of the models on display by SFTPMS (Selangor/Federal Territory Plastic Modeling Society) with the theme of Merdeka.

All the models were there

But for me, the most 'important' model was of
this diorama by rtfoe. It describes the scene
of soldiers stopping by a small shop to buy
some food.

Sorry about the picture quality but the reflection is
high and my Nikon D50 (the one with a polariser)
is not working well. Here, on the roof, you can see
some details such as a used slipper.

Even the fruits are very detailed

And the most amazing part of it (for me, that is)
was the 1/35 scale Honda bike. Its off by I think
a few years but given life in a kampung (village)
its correct. I can't even find that model.

Kaelynn standing next to rtfoe's diorama

Other models were very imaginative such as this
one which depicts the Japanese soldiers making
their way through a route with their bicycles

The dramatic scene of the occupants
responding the the attack of the
Bukit Kepong Police Station

Well, you what this means...

After that, we explored other sections of the Museum. Kaelynn did ask a lot of questions but eventually, she got bored as well. I am happy to say, most of the exhibits are very well done, and MOST of their interactive features are still working. Which is not bad at all considering that most things are very run down a few short months or weeks after it was officially opened to the Public. Then again, this is Malaysia for you.

At the end of the 'tour' Kaelynn was
rewarded with some ice cream.