First class

Today was the second day for the new School Year and So, this was my last chance to go into the school and see how it was for her. As soon as she goes into the class, it was a smiles from her while the rest of the class either looked sleepy, moody or just, well, bored. Unlike other schools, I think, they do not let parents into the compound at all and I now understand why.

It was years ago, she went to her first class, crying. But now, its normal for her, as if she is enjoying it. Moreso, when she is very willing to make friends even if they do not welcome her.

You can spot her but unfortunately, I forgot to
set my Nokia 5800 camera setting back to the
higher resolution and what I got, was crap.

Trip to ICW

To cut a long story short, I was there because Bruce wanted the forklift models very badly. It was on sale in the Forums and by stroke of luck, the owner, Raymond happened to be in. And so, after making Bruce call him and securing the items needed, I went there to pick it up on his behalf. Bruce wanted to go there in the evening but was not sure how to get there nor can he really confirm his arrival with Raymond.

Do not think bad about this model
as it had won the contest. Its in
this state because (I think) they
needed to transport it from one
place to another

Or maybe not as most of the figure are in a mess

maybe it has something to do with the Core
Fighter which made an emergency landing.

Even the lift has broken down
(and yes, I helped solder the LED inside)

Have you spotted the Zaku yet?

This time, there are more models in the showcase

And more new stuff on the shelves too.

Just look at the new tools and detail parts

Back to the display shelf, there was this very different
model which caught my eye even though its not my
favourite model.

What is really unique is that it uses some very
'special' parts.

And you wouldn't believe that this is from a laser
toner cartridge.

Finally, I got the forklifts for Bruce and also
something for myself

Its a snake chain. Raymond told me its part of some
jewellery but its great as a minigun ammo belt.