Hit and Post

Damn it. I was rushing to get the package out of the house for Pol and it sort of rolled about and then crashed to my left foot. Yes, the left foot, near the big toe. And I was in pain. Its as if a thousand bad things came and concentrated on that area. Its almost healed and now, the setback is going to be another few days. Haih.

And so, I screamed like a girl which brought
the girls over.

Not wanting to be left out, they wanted to have
their pictures taken as well, this time with their
new found or newly learnt victory signs.

Naturally of course, there were about 10 kilos
of wet clay in there. And since
I am not
allowed to use Poslaju, the
guy asked me if I
wanted air or sea, I
told him air. And it costs
me only RM44.00
, which I think, is quite
reasonable, considering it has been with me
for over a week.

How much was it again?

When it comes to old or obsolete technology, there are some problems with them. If you are looking to for one, it would either be hard to find and/or expensive to get. And sometimes, those who have them, do not usually reduce their price but increment them from the original selling price as time goes by. But this one, which I got from a Forum, really takes the cake, from Amazon:

Out of Cluck Dinner

I know you're going to ask. Why is my breakfast so delicious this morning? Oh, you did not ask? Well, go ahead and ask, "Why is your breakfast so delicious this morning?"

The answer is very simple. "The reason why my Breakfast is so delicious this morning is because my dinner was so delicious last night." There. How about that?

OK, OK. Here's the story. The curry chicken that came home was so bad that it gave everyone a very sour experience. And so, I took this as an opportunity to rush out and ta-pau some food from a tai-chau stall. (English: I got some take-away from a Chinese restaurant). It costs me RM27.00 which only consisted of ku-lou-yuk (RM12.00) and kam-heong scallops (RM15.00) because they ran out of la-las. Being an idiot that I was, when it came to groceries and food, I happily paid the money since at that time, it was a bargain. Actually, I was in a rush to get some food home since everyone just came back from outstation and they're all pooped out. And we're counting on that chick, never realise she has gone from bad to sour........

Once everyone had their fill, the leftovers goes to me. For my Breakfast. In the morning.

Woo hoo! A spicy breakfast and 3 nuggets!