I am so in deep trouble now. With only less than RM8 in the bank and everyone screaming for my head. No, I did not blow this month's salary on any toys/electronics/camera/etc. In fact, I can't even blow any cash at all.

The problem is that not only my did I not get last month's pay until this week, but there were some problem with that cheque. And so, I have to wait until next week to go to the Sea Park branch to get the cheque back and they still could not tell me what the problem was. In the morning, when I checked my Maybank2U, it was there, waiting to be cleared. And then, towards midnight, it was gone. The office clerk was notified by the company's bank but she did not tell me until the next morning, thinking it was not necessary since the bank told her that they would contact me. Only did I go to the Maybank branch that I put the cheque in did that tell me where to go next. And since I have this month's cheque with me too, they said it was alright to deposit it now and if there's any problem, they would call me. (Yeah, right.)

And so, I called the Sea PArk branch up.

"Hello, I have a problem with my cheque a few days ago, bal bla bla"
"Is it savings or a current account?"
"Hold on, please", and I was put on hold for minutes, the same minute which I assume would allow me to make a cup of instant coffee. Twice. Three times. Four times. Fiv .... oh, never mind.

Then, by some strange miracle, someone picked it up, "Hello?"
"Hello, I have a problem with my cheque..."
"I can't help you. I just picked this phone up...." what the....
"Well, I really have this problem with this checque... bla, bla, bla"
"OK, where did you deposit the cheque?"
"Its not here yet."
"But I was told to contact you gys betwen four and five in the afternoon". By this time, she has regained her composure and judging from the tone of her voice, she really wants to end this call fast.
"Well, the road from KL to Selangor has many selok-belok and it won't be here so soon."
"Sure or not? You want me to come over?"
"Why don't you call on Monday?"
"Sigh. Alright Monday then."

WTF..? Monday's a Public Holiday. Dammit!

Three cheques. One cannot be cleared and the other two has just
gone into the machine. Right now, Under Maybank2U, I can see
the figure and by Wednesday, if it does not dissappear like the
first one, I should be so lucky. Boss did ask me to open an account
that is the same bank as the company where I could get my salary
fast. But then, I would still be back to square one because I still
need to transfer the money to Maybank2U to pay off the bills and
maybe, I would lose more money doing such interbank tranfers too.
Plus, instead of three working days to see the cash, it might be more.