My drinking buddy

One thing I seriously forgot to ask about Vee-Chai is his drinking habits. Everyone has a drinking habit and now, I am very concerned. This was because on the first tank, which the salesman filled up, we clocked to about 260KM within days. Since we did not know how many free litres were on the house, I was a bit worried. I mean, 260Km for almost a full tank is very worrying for me.....

In the past, my Bengmobile was getting an average of 260Km for 26litres. While the little Kenari was more frugal with the drinks. But now, I just have to let Vee-Chai go through a few tankfuls and we shall see...

to be exact, it was 258.8Km before the last bar. The
meter was already
flashing. The manual said not to
run until
it was almost empty or else it might even
damage Vee-chai's
Catalytic Converter. If you see
a car on fire in Section 17 PJ, at this time, that's us.

So, for RM50, I got =50/1.9 litres
(too much excel here)

And hey, that is almost full tank or rather, that is
almost the same bars when we left the Salesman

Oh, and guess which one is Vee-chai?