Updating the Nokia 6300

I think this is the second time that Kristine locked Mommy's phone. And I had to go to Celcom to get a replacement SIM card. They told me I could go to any Blue Cube outlet as well but since I was nearby Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, I decided to pop in. The new SIM replacement costs me Rm5.00 but the girl was kind enough to let it go into my next bill so I do not have to use the cash. But I was warned that this SIM is now 3G capable and if Kristine uses it to surf the Internet (or by accident) I would have to pay for the charges. Oh well.......

Getting the card was embarassing for me as I kept
the PUK (pee-you-kay) as PUKI
(poo-key), which is a *ahem* bad
word for female
genitalia. But the girl was understanding and she

discreetly corrected me a few times.

Since I am on a roll here, I decided to back up her
data and also upgrade the firmware. Once it switch
on, the BM language came on and I had to revert
back to English.

Oho! There is new firmware! It took me more than
two hours to download the driver to recognise the
Nokia 6300, the software to synchronise it and the
firmware itself. If I had know, I would have done it
the next night. However, I do not feel any difference
after the update. Oh wel........ time to sleepzzzzzzzzzz