Kristine's taste for Tuition

Took Kristine for Dinner today, after picking her up from the iDeal Tuition Centre. We signed her up for a week's classes (Actually, its Holiday Activities) since she wanted it ever since some young girl gave her the pamphlet outside the school. Also, its neaby the office as well. The place is not bad, more of like a "Nursery for Schoolkids" and they also tried to get us to sign up with them as there is a facility to pick them up from their school and drop them off at the Centre, where they will have their homework done followed by tuition. And after work, I can pick her up.

To me, that sounds like a very good idea. But my wallet said no...

Nom nom nom om nom


28112012 Trip to KK

Yes, its another trip there. And also, this time, its MY turn to bring MY stuff over, to stuff MY new Workshop. Ha ha ha... Yes, you read that right, MY NEW WORKSHOP! A place where I can hide from the rest of the work while doing something productive. And yeah, I'll be bringing my 'to-do' bin (as soon as I can figure out how, since its full of stuff...)

Yes, this is most of my stuff, except for the big silver spaceship, which is the NX-01 from the Star trek Series, Enterprise. That belongs to another friend. This is the infamous 'battle damaged' Enterprise.

And at the back seat, well, its full of my stuff too. A nice partly built Titanic is in there, plus a vintage Tamiya Flakpanzer.

First and foremost, a meal of Nasi Ambang. This is the one being sold at Petronas on the way there. The way Petronas does this, I think, is to help local business. But you won't find this on other Petronas Stations, mind you.

The faint smear on the floor? Thats the amount of dust accumulated since our last visit and its only 1/8 of the kitchen area.

After a few more hours..... yes!

Oh-oh. My stash space is going to fill up the room soon and I still have not gotten a table yet. Yes, its growing at an exponential rate... yikes.

This is a meet your neighbour session. Actually, its a Neighbourhood meeting, the determine the new committee for 2012 and the G&G option. I wanted to suggest a lot of things but at this time, its best to keep my mouth shut. I mean, no one is going to agree to armed escorts but I did manage to convince the group to relocate the Guard House to a must better spot.

SS2 Morning Market

SS2 has a morning market. This, I did not know. All the while I was working in PJ since the mid-90's, I only knew that they had Night Markets there on Monday nights and across the road on Thursdays nights. Actually, what made me go there was because of a certain food.

It all started when the supplier came and generously gave the Production Head a lot of 'Kuih Teo Chew'. It was something new to me and it looked very much like those gyoza things. The only difference is that they're vegetarian and (someone in the office said) cooked with pork lard. OK, that makes it more delicious. But what caught me was their sauce. At one glance, it was just brown sauce, almost like those satay peanut sauce. But once I dip it into the sauce, I was hooked. I can't really describe the taste but its a bit sweet, and has an after-taste of those bottled garlic chili.

The only problem was that the supplier got it 'somewhere' in Cheras. Knowing Cheras is a big area, its like looking for a needle in a.... Moon. Fortunately, the HOD knows where to get them and advised me to look for it in the SS2 Morning market...

And this morning, is where I am headed. I have passed by this route many times and after so many years, they now have grass. So, its now easier to throw rubbish in there as the will hide everything. Yeah, right.

After going round and round, I finally managed to get a parking spot. The whole area is as busy as it was during the Night Markets.

All of a sudden, the whole area went quiet and some traders are 'quietly'' closing their stalls and/or pulling them away. Apparently, the DBKL Officers are making their rounds, looking for those who, well, did not obey the Law. Which Law, I am not sure but I guess its something to do with Trading Licenses and inappropriate trading locations.

So, I went into the Market instead.

And whoa! what a sight! There are so many things on sale in there, making even the Bangsar Wet Market look abysmally inadequate. Then again, Bangsar's Wet Market has TMC behind them for reinforcements.

You want chicken? Here you are. Fresh!

You want prawns? Here you are. Big!

You want this? Here you.. oh, must queue up one...

Association of Old Wives updating their tales...

The DBKL Officers have left and once again, I approached this van which I suspect is selling what I was after. The HOD did mention something about selling on a corner. True enough, they are selling the 'Kueh Teo Chew'.

A stark contrast to the busy market lane outside

Oh boy! Petai! I am tempted to get it but in the house, only the two of us would eat them.

Wanted to get some Nasi Lemak for the whole family but alas, they have run out of chicken curry, only the sambal was left.

Bought some DVDs and well, I know 'Flesh Wound' suchks but I just want to see how post-Hercules Kevin Sorbo performs. [Update: 2 weeks alter: Euuuwwww... he sucked big time]

And finally, the haul from the market. In the foreground was some BBQ pork which I got for RM6.00 I thought it was cheap until I realised Rm6.00 can only get you so much.

Ah, the infamous 'Kuih Teo Chew'. Heaven!

Shopping Day

There was a lot of shopping to be done today as we really need a lot of things to get the place up and ready after it was 'abandoned' for a few years. The first stop is the most important, which is to get all the necessary cleaning tools. What better than going to PJ Old Town for this. (Not the 'Old Town' Coffeshop, la)

While Mommy was choosing the items, I got Kaelynn some pastry as she was very hungry

And like a true sister, she shared it with Krsitine

It is a comfort to know that she always think of her sister. But I was also secretly wishing for the opposite to happen too.

I  mean, once can only care so much and afterall, they're sisters,
Later on, once we got that settled, it was time for the weekend groceries, and, what better place than Old Klang Road's Tecso. And before we proceed, what better place to have dinner than the steamed fish restaurant next to it? Better? You bet!

Kaelynn's first time with the Lottery ticket. This is something which will be in Malaysia for a long time

Then it was Kristine's turn. The way they go at it, its natural. Hmm...

What do you mean, no prizes?

As usual, if they remember, they would love to have a small trolley with them for their own 'shopping'. Here, they're re-enacting Jackass...

While everyone was shopping, I took time out to test this stuff. Its like Chatime except that there are no long queues. Coming to that, I have never tried Chatime and lately, the queues have been getting lesser and lesser. Then again, I hate those black stuff. Tastes like shite. This one is better.

Due to our weak currency exchange and also the economy, this is what you got for RM300 or so. Sheesh. The girls are happy because its not them who are paying for it.

Chips Away

Finally, with some time to myself, I got the opportunity to get this crack sealed. The shop I went to was Chip Away instead of Glass Doctors. The reason was, when I called, said they were closed for the year and was about to go on a Holiday. Wow.

Anyway, for the same amount of cash, I got the same repair done. Just this time, and there was a no nonsense repair with some dash of serious matter-of-fact discussion. I went there earlier in the week but was told to come back when the Sun is shining as the repair depends on heat or something, and not the rain. And that's about it. Because I know nothing about these, I just had to let them do their work.

[Update: 04052012 My Aunt asked about these 'holes' from the repair because she said, in Australia, the repairs would not leave such cavities like that. After checking with the Internet, I felt quite conned.] I think I should buy a windshield repair kit from eBay the next time....
Until now, I have not applied any stuff such as Rain-X because Glass Doctors said not to and they have methods to test if I did, which would void the Life-time warranty. Oh, I am so scared...

What the cushions are for

After scolding a G-Par which sticks to you like glue, and after walking hundreds of meters with my hands going black due to lack of blood circulation, and after stuffing them all as hard as I can into the boot, it has now reached its destination.

And so, out with the foam

And in with the cushions. It will take some getting used to and... hey, who slept in the custhoins!!! That was fast....

Jusco Member Day sale

Today or rather, tonigh was Jusco's Member Day Sales. And this is the one time you would not want to be in Jusco. but because its in Bukit Tinggi, Klang, the traffic wouldn't be that bad. Or so I thought...

The whole parking lot was full and the place was filled with people as if all of them have have descended from the hills at the same time, having never heard of a shopping centre before. It was a nightmare, I tell you. All of a sudden, my phobia of crowds came gushing out like a a dam breaking loose.

Everywhere you go, it was people, people and more people.

Yes, I feel like I want to catch everyone one of them ans stuff them into this.. thing, then let it roll down some mountain. Ha ha ha ha ha! But seriously, this is great fun as the kids went nuts with it.

Nice Milo sculpture

And so, with nothing much left to do, I had to brave the crowds

WTF! I bought this two years ago and RM69.90!

I had a very bad experience when I volunteered to take all the cushions back to the car. Some fat shit followed me behind, all the way and kept 'pushing' me. So I turned around and screamed at her and she was shocked.

Dinner at the Clownhouse. everyone was tired except for the girls.Still, we got a lot of great bargains and they should be coming to our way soon.

Oh-ph. See Kristine's face? This is not good.

Yep, she ate too much. Can't blame her as she has not eaten the whole evening and then this sudden binge at the Clownhouse

Don't worry, we have the emergency poop bucket ready...

Finally, she was so pooped with all the pooping, she just plopped....
As I have mentioned earlier, we did find some great bargains. Earlier in the month, the same event happened at Mid-Valley but we did not go since it would be stupid to get them to deliver all the way as Bkt. Tinggi's Jusco was much nearer. But I am very happy to be able to make these decisions compared to those who have made them a decade ago, for their own homes.

Ewww de Toilet..

After visiting the customer, I really had to go. And when I had to go, I really had to go.

Entering the toilet, one cannot ignore the smell and from the looks of it, someone actually could not make it in time.