Shopping Day

There was a lot of shopping to be done today as we really need a lot of things to get the place up and ready after it was 'abandoned' for a few years. The first stop is the most important, which is to get all the necessary cleaning tools. What better than going to PJ Old Town for this. (Not the 'Old Town' Coffeshop, la)

While Mommy was choosing the items, I got Kaelynn some pastry as she was very hungry

And like a true sister, she shared it with Krsitine

It is a comfort to know that she always think of her sister. But I was also secretly wishing for the opposite to happen too.

I  mean, once can only care so much and afterall, they're sisters,
Later on, once we got that settled, it was time for the weekend groceries, and, what better place than Old Klang Road's Tecso. And before we proceed, what better place to have dinner than the steamed fish restaurant next to it? Better? You bet!

Kaelynn's first time with the Lottery ticket. This is something which will be in Malaysia for a long time

Then it was Kristine's turn. The way they go at it, its natural. Hmm...

What do you mean, no prizes?

As usual, if they remember, they would love to have a small trolley with them for their own 'shopping'. Here, they're re-enacting Jackass...

While everyone was shopping, I took time out to test this stuff. Its like Chatime except that there are no long queues. Coming to that, I have never tried Chatime and lately, the queues have been getting lesser and lesser. Then again, I hate those black stuff. Tastes like shite. This one is better.

Due to our weak currency exchange and also the economy, this is what you got for RM300 or so. Sheesh. The girls are happy because its not them who are paying for it.

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