LHD Gen2 at the Toll

OK, so I've never seen a Left Hand Drive Gen2 before

Neither have I ever seen a LHD Driver paying on the right hand side

Trip to Kuantan

OK, so, this time, everything is ready and they're nowhere to be found. Which is just great. Sigh

So, I had to deal with the customer, and using best guess, do what is necessary. The lines are still not in yet, as the person in charge is has dengue fever. So, we'll jsut slot in the card, connect up the phones and on Monday, get the main distributor to do a remote programming as there was a problem with the system which we could not rectify.

By the time we dealt with the cabling (or rather, corrected them all since they wired it with different cables for every socket) it was quite late in the evening. But still, there is a nice reward for me. I can drive like an idiot all the way back to KL with all those curvy roads, passing Genting Base, since there were not much cars. And also beating those Camrys, Vios, Mercedes, Wiras at the curves while my technician was as pale as a ghost. Yeah, need to upgrade the suspensions.

And I wonder where they got the dumb-ass
contractor to do the cabling. Although this
socket is new to me, one look would have
indicated that it is still wrongly connected

And unlike conventional connections, this one take
the cables crossed. Well, you know what I mean