The problem with Streamyx

Last Saturday, while I was away, there was a huge thunderstorm. And after that, I noticed that the very next day, after my beauty sleep, there was no Internet. I thought it was something to do with the Telekom's exchange. But no. After a few days, I lodged a complain and today, they came.

Turned out that out 10 year old modem, the 'best'
of its kind at that time, was not so lucky. So, the
guy swapped it for a new modem. Amazingly, the
Internet felt faster....

Vee-Chia's new keychain

This idea has been done before but it was so long ago and at that time, thsi RAM still has value. Now, its just another piece of electronic junk.what better way than to use it was a keychain.

Just found a very old PC RAM and
made a keychain out of it. It was a
very nice try but in the end, it was
painful because the RAM was too
long and cut into my skin.

Finally, I borrowed a saw and got the maintenance
guy to help me cut it in half which I then filed the
corners smooth. So, nice keychain and no more cuts.