Hotwheels Rogue Hog

All of a sudden, the price of a Hotwheels die-cast toy fell from RM5.90 to RM4.90. Well, at 7-11 anyway. And so, one hot and gruelling day, I decided to go to 7-11 for a cup of Slurpee. So, instead of asking the staff why there was a "Under maintenance" sign on the Slurpee machine, I decided to leave the shop empty handed. That was the plan untl I noticed the Hotwheels cars neatly hung at the sides of each display racks.

Yeah, suffice to say, I replace my would-be Slurpee with a Hotwheels car.

This is a second generation Rogue Hog. When it first
came out last year, it was a black Police car. Why did
I pick this one up? Well, the brighter paint scheme
made me take a more detailed notice on its design.

Yes, the rear fan can be a source for kit-bashign and
also the front driver seat which could be served as a
pilot seatfor a futuristic craft. I would say, its perfect
for a 1/48 or a 1/72scale figure. But I need an actual
pilot figure to determine its size, though.

Opening the car now is not just a simple 5-year old
throw-it-to-the-ground-until-it-splits-open tactic.
All you need to do is just get a proper sized drill
bit and drill through the rivets. Once it
is done,
you can gently pry the car apart

And there you have it: from left to right, the chassis,
the metal chair,
clear plastic canopy and silver body

This is the part which I am interested in. I will now
keep it in a safe place until I have a project for it

Another look from the rear. Somehow, the fan design is
mesmerizing. I could have it cast for multiple copies
but that would be very expensive though. Still lets
see what project needs these designs