Another Wireless Mouse

OK, so the mouse I got from eBay was bad. I am not sure what the problem was, because it keeps "disconnecting" from the Notebook. Everytime it comes out from Hibernation, I have to either take the battery out and put it back again repeatedly or, unplug the USB transceiver. Whats more, the second mouse, which I ordered from the same supplier, and was sent a day before the red mouse, got lost in the post. And after telling them about and they should be sending over a replacement, I am not too excited about it anymore. Its a very bad mouse.

And so, its embarrassing if I gave one to my Dad, which I have been planning to. But not anymore. So, it was while we're looking for some school shoes for Kaelynn's next year, I came across this mouse from the computer shop next door, across Section14's Digital Mall. I am still in the mood for stubby transceivers. The best mouse (so far) was the AVF from Jusco (RM89.00) but it had a big transceiver, almost like thumbdrive. Which is not a good thing given that the USB ports on my Dad's Notebook were located at the sides.

Presenting the red (crap) mouse and the AVF mouse

Presenting the blue mouse (RM65.00)

No, its not locally made

This mouse has an on/off switch which the salesperson
told me, is only required when the PC is on standby. Ha.
Anyhoo, I plugged it into my Dad's Notebook and its a
joy to use. Now, I have to wait and see how long the
battery will last eventhough on the box is says 3 months.

So, now the blue one is for my Dad while I, will,
regretfully, continue using my AVF mouse. As
for the red, it will be going to a special place with
a more deserving task, my model kit scratch
building bin.

Lighting the PKD Part I

When Kal told me to take my time, I literally took my time on this. Heh. Nah, its just that I was quite busy with getting my car up and running and also, with my other projects.

Anyway, let's have a look at this project. What Kal needed was to light up the bottom console of the PKD. He has given me two versions of the bottom cover; one made of metal and the other, a plastic cast copy of the metal.

OK, the parts are here and looking back at
the huge cables I used, its going to be a bit
of a problem to fit everything in there.

The first problem of the day is the placement of
the slide switch. I suspect that the rectangle at
the side wall where the switch is going to be, is
actually the ACTUAL panel of the original switch

As there is no room inside, I have to cut the
both flanges off the switch as there is no room
for even 0.25 millimetre. Its a tight fit.

And just to make the switch move smoothly,
I might need to file the rectangular hole just
a bit more, well, rectangular. The red area is
just how the hole should be as its a bit too
small on the left. Shame I don't have a file
today and so, I must remember to buy one

Test fit with the 3mm LEDs. So, after filing
it next week, I will get the chance to use
the JB Weld stuff.

The next piece, is the plastic piece which I would
have to get the correct drill bit as the one I have
is 1/8 or something which is a 0.0175 too big if I
compared it with a 3mm (0.3) drill bit. This is to
make sure the 3mm LEDs don't slip out of the hole.
But I'm also worried about doing the rectangular
hole since I am crap at modelling and also I might
not have the correct tools. I only have a cutter to
and a soon to be flat file to help me on this.

Test fit of the 12volt battery into the metal bottom
cover. I have to use the thin wires and since this is
metal, isolate all electrical joints, especially the LED
legs. Its a bit tight and so, the connectors to the green
LEDs might be a problem unless I can get a miniature
version or a different connector.

And so, this is how much the battery and the holder
jut out from the bottom cover, which I think is 5mm

Still, once I get it all done, there is a slight problem with connecting the green LEDs since they're on the PKD main body. I am not sure if the LEDs were connected parallel or in series. I think I would need to talk to Kal about getting him to pass me both versions of the PKD so I can work on it until its complete.