Trying out new stuff

As with the occasional surprises, one of the highlights of the girl's swimming is that we sometimes eat out. And being creatures of habit, we would go to the same place, order the same food and so on. But this time, we decided to try something new.

Kaelynn looking happy (due to
the presents from Fun & Cheer)

This is something new, not sure what it was
but they used macaroni, sliced meatballs and
some weird soup stock which I could only
taste the MSG. The girls loved the pasta but
not the soup.

Then there is the moment with the Takoyaki,
which they're not sure what it was. The girls
were stumped with the 'moving' jellyfish skin
which moves with rising hot air from the balls.

OK, so they do not like it. Guessed who
did all the DBKL job?

Kaelynn wanted to play with my Nokia 5800
camera but I insisted she finished that Tako
ball first. Haih,,,,,,,

Pitiful Death

Somehow, this poor lizard crawled onto Kaelynn's
Strawberry Shortcake sticker. It got stuck with the
sticker's glue and could not free itself. So, I guess,
it eventually starved to death. Not sure if it lost its
tail in the process or it was lost before it died.