10 minutes to bedtime

With 10 minutes left before their bedtime (Ok, is actually one hour late) I decided to let them play for a while. What I did was to place all the pillows in the room and form them into a big soft mass. Then, I let the girls jump as much as they want but with some simple rules that they cannot jump if someone is still in the mass. Or, if the pillows break off, they must stop and then rearrange them back. And most importantly, they cannot aim their jump outside the mass........

The perils of multitask thinking

I am always busy. And when I am busy, I think. Or rather, I don't think. That's not right. Let's try again.

When I am busy, I am always thinking all the wrong things at the wrong time and place. Maybe I can call this daydreaming. My mind is always drifting now, (No, I am not getting senile), always thinking about my Hobbies and also, my electronic projects which has be seriously put on hold again. Yeah, maybe that's the reason because despite the doom and gloom of the World Economy, we're still working our butts off like there's no tomorrow, thanks to our customers who really believed in us.

But, in my personal life, I felt that I am not doing enough. And so, while I am working, my mind sort of unconsciously tries to analyse and plans my projects. Its like you sitting in front of a PC but with at least four LCD screens, each with a different task for you to work on. The problem is, once it gets too exciting, it sucks more thinking power from the rest of the brain and before I know it, I am in there, imagining and thinking about the darn thing and nothing else. Maybe I should be taking a day or two off, be alone, to think and do my projects.......

I was so badly distracted today that I actually
peed into the trashcan instead of the urinal.
The only thing that stopped me was the
realisation that no sane person would
ever install a mirror in front of a urinal.
(Luckily, I was the only one in there)