Dinner at Yuen's Buffet

OK. Another dinner. And this time, its at Yuens at Mentari Park. Its been quite some time since my last visit and I think, as far as buffets of this type goes, the less the better. Its not that I do not appreciate them but after tonight's dinner, it left a lot of things to be desired. or maybe, i am just tired:

1) I can't get over the feeling that it is 'dirty' they way people jostle for food, and then there is that mad rush to get the sticky fried chicken which comes every now and then. Imagine if you're the waitress carrying it only to see a bunch of greedy looking (almost mad) people waiting at the other end, with plates and tongs. You can't turn back because you know the crowd would go nuts and also come after you. You can only go forward, expecting to be mobbed, pushed and squeezed out of their way.

2) I know there is a lot of people but the way the chairs were arranged for maximum capacity, people bumping into you just as you're about to eat is a bit annoying. Or, when they 'trip' over your chair while walking across, and some even push it out of the way.

3) Again, there is the long queue for ice-cream. Its as of everyone is reading each other's mind. When you don't want it, the place is empty. The moment you 'think' you want one, suddenly, before you can finish you walk to the ice-cream area, lines popped out of nowhere.

4) Air-con and fans. Its not working effectively. 'nuf said

Kristine decided it was time to wear
masks. Kaelyn followed suit but took
it off when the place became too hot.

Kristine pretending to be Shifu from Kung-Fu Panda

Kristine trying out her chopsticks skills.

As for me, I decided to get some ice-cream
to calm my fear of crowds and people touching
me that suddenly cropped up.

The girls thought the yee mee is like the
Mamee which can be eaten raw. Or is it?

Again, the highlight if the meal was the yee mee in
the soup mixed with eggs and a bit of seaweed. OK
this time, it was salty and because of the atmosphere,
I did not enjoy it. And also because I was too full.

At last, the end

Or so I thought, until we came back and I saw my stomach.....

Faber-Castell Colour Pencils

As I need to see a very important customer and since they still have only a rough indication of what they want, I decided to sketch some concepts rather than harrass the guys at production. And so, to make it more attractive, I needed colours. That's when I remembered the unopened Faber-Castell colours I got last year.

When I was small, the only coloured pencils I had was the Staedler brand which was quite OK until I discovered the Japanese Colleen and Kirin brands. Just the smell of the wood was enough to make me want to use them. And yes, they're soft and colours easily compared to Staedler. Sadly, I can't find them anymore when I grew up and grew out.

So, the closest (and most affordable) I could find was Faber-Castell. And this version gives you the water colour effect by adding a wet brush to it. The one I bought was a 245th Anniversary edition which not only gives you a brush and a pencil sharpener, but also a Video CD to tell you how to use it to great effect.

And so, using those thick art paper, the pencils
sketches easily.

And when you add water to it, the effect is nice but
I am not used to it so, some of the lines needs to be
redrawn again.

The Gutsy Gun

Not sure why i bought this. But just for today, I actually went to PJ Old Town and looked for more toy guns. Actually, there are two shops here. i shall name them Shop A and Shop B. I always go to Shop A because although I have passed by Shop B lots of times, I did not enter it. Mainly because its not possible to stop the car in the middle of the road.......

Anyway, because of the problems with limited parking lots, I parked further away, which to my amazement, was next to Shop B. And so, I went to shop B to look around and found this:

Its some kind of a toy gun which I have never
seen before. I am guessing it could have been
made in 2007 or earlier.

Something is missing here and its actually very fragile.
Look at the broken part at the right. In the middle, is
the battery closing clip for 2x AA cells. I have not tried
it because I ran out of those batteries.

Its from some Ultraman series and so far, I have
not seen any Ultraman enough to recognise it on
any series. Still, I'll keep this for the moment as I
know, there will be a time I will need it. Sweet one
for less than RM7.00