Faber-Castell Colour Pencils

As I need to see a very important customer and since they still have only a rough indication of what they want, I decided to sketch some concepts rather than harrass the guys at production. And so, to make it more attractive, I needed colours. That's when I remembered the unopened Faber-Castell colours I got last year.

When I was small, the only coloured pencils I had was the Staedler brand which was quite OK until I discovered the Japanese Colleen and Kirin brands. Just the smell of the wood was enough to make me want to use them. And yes, they're soft and colours easily compared to Staedler. Sadly, I can't find them anymore when I grew up and grew out.

So, the closest (and most affordable) I could find was Faber-Castell. And this version gives you the water colour effect by adding a wet brush to it. The one I bought was a 245th Anniversary edition which not only gives you a brush and a pencil sharpener, but also a Video CD to tell you how to use it to great effect.

And so, using those thick art paper, the pencils
sketches easily.

And when you add water to it, the effect is nice but
I am not used to it so, some of the lines needs to be
redrawn again.

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Peter said...

Faber-Castell colour pencils are the best! and they will always be the best...