Put yourself in their shoes

The beam from the Sun tingles your face and you wake up from a nice sleep.
You push yourself up on the bed, and walked over to your bathroom.
You brush your teeth, and wash your face.

Simple little things that you can do in just 10 minutes

But what if, your legs are not working that day?

You have to use your hands
You have to push yourself
You have to drag your wheelchair over to you
You have to push yourself up from the bed and onto the wheelchair
You have to make an effort to go to the bathroom
And hope someone did not leave the toothpaste on the top shelf again

Simple is it? Now go tie your legs together and try again.

Imagine how difficult that was.

Now, imagine, how difficult it is when you go out to a place where everything was designed for people who can walk on their own two legs over kerbs and giant drains, who can see with their own eyes to avoid oncoming traffic and dark places, who can brace themselves with their own hands should they fall.

What is this place, you ask?

Bolehland, of course. The heart of "Tidak Apa" minded people.

Now, read how it affected Peter Tan