Legendary Space Encounter

I was packing my stuff today and just found this model kit, after so many years. And the thing is, I totally forgot I had them. When I was an Engineer at that time, most of my salary went into these stuff and also electronic components. Still, its a great surprise for me.

Although I am not too fond of the Original Star Trek, it was the electronics and the fiberoptics given in the kit that attracted me. As far as I know, (at that time) AMT is the only model company that gives you the fiber-optic to light up your model kit. What? You think I am going to build them straight out of the box?

No siree, they are to be used for custom weird models when I am not thinking right.

The is the kit by AMT which usually comes in a
big box which tends to bend in half after carrying
it about too much

This is the sound board. See the small itty bitty
black goop on the green circuit board?
This is where it makes the sounds and is called COB
If you scrape away the black goop carefully, you can
see the small microscopic circuits just like an IC
(and if you're lucky, it might still work)

Turning the packet, there is the battery holder,
the fiber-optic cable (black) and a torchlight
The battery holder will tell you how small the models
are. Yeah, nothing to shout about.

Mystery Chocolate

With Kristine around, chocolates are everywhere. And I came across this one (which she does not like), which I think was given to her from a relative. Inside the box was about some 12 smaller packs. Great, I thought. Just like those cream filled Japanese biscuits where one small pack would hold about four biscuits or so. And they looked pretty expensive.

Still, this does not stop me from opening one.............

This is the box, which like it says, could be from Japan

WTF! There is only one! And it look and tasted like
coffee flavoured nipple shaped cheesecake!!!