She came out pissed

After 36 hours of labour, we finally saw result at 1554 this afternoon, just a week too early. She was supposed to be due on 28th but I guess, Someone wants to give me a happy weekend. Luckily, I managed to borrow another camera (in fact, two) so, all the precious moments have been captured. Unfortunately, I cannot show them to you since it would require an 18SX. Ha ha ha ha

And boy, I think I am going to have a big problem. For you see, she came out looking quite angry and screamed at everyone as if we had just pulled her out from her slumber. I shudder to think what would happen in a year's time.

And to think Kristine was very quiet when she arrived but turned out to be a monster.

Yep, I am in deep doo-doo.

One brief second before she started screaming again
Oh, and she had a lot more hair, this time round

As this was so "sudden", she doesn't even have a name yet. I am thinking:

1) Michelle
2) Kaelynn
3) Jaenni

I would very much like to name her after some famous person in Star Trek but she would grow up to hate me forever and break all my toys.