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love my Wife. I really Do. The problem is, I tend to not show it outward nor show it at all. But I really do love her. She has been with me for a few years now, and has put up with my temper a lot. Yet, in return, she gave me two precious gifts; Kristine and Kaelynn. Sometimes, I wished I could show my Love but being me, its hard to do so. I wanted to lift her to a higher quality of life so that she does not have to suffer so much. But then more often than not, reality steps in. Reality tell me that I cannot do this. And my Wife also tells me that, not to worry so much about it. So, I feel sad inside. There a lot of things I wanted to buy for her so that her life is much easier. But I can't. There are a lot of opportunities for me out there but I felt that it is always “blocked” by an unseen hand. I could resign and pursue this but with so much commitment, the risk of failure is unacceptable. In the meantime, the only recourse was to take things slowly and save money so I can buy her things. She would not like it because we know the money can be used elsewhere but I insist.

One such matter was today. Her mobile phone. I wanted to replace hers which she lost on Wesak day in a mad crowd while getting some gifts for Kristine. Luckily, she still keeps her backup Panasonic phone (which I gave her on her birthday years ago) and has been using it since now. But the wear and tear is getting on. So, for the past few weeks, I have been searching for a replacement model for her.

And I have narrowed it down to:

1)Sony Ericsson W850i (She said it was too expensive)
2)Nokia 7500 Prism (We both said “too ugly and expensive”)
3)Sony Ericsson W710i (The seller told me its “out of production”)
4)Nokia 6110 (And I said this slider looked like shit)

But none of the phones met her requirement since she told me that she wanted a RM500 phone and not those fancy wancy RM1300 and above phones. But you see, everytime I replaced her phone, it must be take significant technological leap from the previous model. And this time, I want her to have a good camera, play MP3 from external memory cards and also, with good speakers. And so, I finally relented and searched for more and came up with Nokia 5300 Xpress Music at RM680.However, although it fits the description, it is too bulky and being slider phone, it is just asking for trouble.

One thing I have learnt about Salesmanship is that you really need to lead your target. So, first of all, you must establish a good trusting relationship. Then when it is done, you can now show them the crappiest product before showing them the intended one. So, I lead her to the bulky Nokia 5300 and wait for the complains. Once the signal was given, the Salesperson at the counter starts to introduce a better looking phone, which is the Nokia 6300. And she is happy with it. Hee hee hee.Budget-wise? It was really stretching for me but then again, I do not mind. After buying the phone, I secretly went to the IT center and got her a 1GB microSD card since the Nokia version was only 128MB. Now, all I have to do is to get some of her favourite songs, some Barney songs and a nice alarm clock sound effect MP3 files

So, for close to a grand, I got a Nokia 6300, a HP 1GB thumbdrive and a 1GB microSD card

The microSD is quite small and it comes with a USB adaptor which, again, is small too.

Here are the comparisons of all the SD sizes. [The miniSD is burnt]

Brand New Nokia 6300: RM768.00
1GB microSD card: RM79.00
Sakae Sushi Dinner: RM 75.21
She calls me Darling: Priceless


Saw this on the road. Didn't notice much until I read the papers the day after. Motorola were using this vintage car for promotion. Ho-hum.

I guess I got over the RAZR phones years ago. Its nothing to me now other than an overpriced toy. Even the new RAZR2 V8 doesn't create any excitement for me.