Doing the squeeze

After using the electric juicer, the girls found and "manual" version of the juicer. And so, after much questions to Mommy and all, we decided to let them make their own orange juice. Well, suffice to say, it was a fun moment because seeing trying to squeeze and twist the orange halves only to get a few drops. Ha ha ha.

First, it was Kristine's turn. I gave
her a few minutes to try. So, she
squeezed and twist and squeezed

"All done, Dad!"

Yeah, really all done. And I had to
squeeze that orange half to get all
the juice out.

Then, it was Kaelynn's turn. And as she
squeezed and squeezed, she also tried as
hard as she could.

"I can't believe nothing came out...."

And so, she tried and tried again, much to Kristine's impatience.

Finally, everyone had their fill of the orange
juice. And I showed Kristine how to finish off
the sacs from the orange jacket/skin.