Shopping at the Pavillion

Ah, Saturday. Tis the time (or shall I say, this time) Wifey demanded we go to Pavillion. And so, I happily agreed and rushed back to the house like an obedient, husband. Unfortunately, by the time we all got ready, it was already evening. Still, not wanting to lose anymore time, we started with some afternoon meal or snack for the kids, if you prefer, before going shopping. No, we're not going window shopping since they do not sell windows here. Besides, Windows 7 won't be out until October this year anyway. There is a reason why Mommy wanted to go there but I am not going to tell.........

Not sure what it was but a lot of people were taking photos
with it. It was not until later that this model was revealed.
But they put the info booth and video a few floors up. Or,
maybe there is another info booth near the entrance which
we might have missed. If not, its a very stupid thing to do.

While the kids were having a light meal, I decided to get
something for my Wife too. I don't feel like eating much
as I have had my share of Nasi Lemak in the morning at
the office. No, I am not getting this noodle for her. They,
I am sure, are not soft and silky enough.

Instead, I got this but after one bite, I felt cheated. OK,
so I did see them nuking the vege/flour to heat it up but
the bread, felt so soaked with deep friend oil. Still, its my
first time to eat this weird thing. Oh, yeah, I peeled the
cover off for the girls since they like crunchy stuff. On
the other hand, wife wouldn't even touch this RM8.50
bread. Still, since its more than RM8.00, I am allowed
to purchase another cup of soft drink for RM1.00 (or
RM1.05 with TAX) as they're having a "sale".

While Mommy did her own thing, I distracted the girls by
going to Toys R Us. Here, they're happily playing with the
wooden blocks until the turned around and noticed........

... some girls were playing with some Disney Video game. And
so, they lined up and waited for their turn. After more than
10 minutes, they were still waiting and so, I told them to get
some chairs. It would be rude for me to tell these girls off and
I would be setting a bad example too. I mean, the will think
that in the future, Daddy will come and scare away other kids
so they could enjoy whatever they wanted.

But the wait is long as there were three girls who actually
took turns. Eventually, their maid sensed something and
took the girls away. No, I did not do anything but she did
realise that there were other children waiting for their
turn to have a go at the games, namely, my girls.

And so, their waiting was not in vain. First, it was
Kristine's turn to play while Kaelynn looks on.

Next, it was Kaelynn's turn while Kristine took a back seat.

You can see how serious these girls are by looking
at their expressions.


But in the end, I have to make sure that their posture
is not affected. This is very worrying if she keeps it up

In the meantime, Kaelynn got bored and went back
to the more traditional toys.

Just outside Harvey Norman, we spotted this
structure, "HOME". The girls were screaming
and running around until a female security
guard came along and so, I pretended to scold
the girls for playing there, when, in the first
place, I allowed them to play there. Ha ha ha

OK, so now, Mommy is hungry but
we're not. Instead, we settled for
some dessert. Yeah, they whacked
the ABC, ice-cream and all.

And lastly, just before going home,
the girls pestered us for some of
those very expensive looking


Sometimes, this is how I feel, or rather, how both of us feel when the two girls are up to their mischiefs. All it take is just a few minutes away from them and the next thing you know, they would either be fighting or the room's in a mess. BTW, I did not do this. When my Mom or Wife see's this, they're going to have a fit.