Another split

Just heard from me Boss that one of our ex-colleague turned competitor, had separated from her husband. We know her husband and the less said, the better. But what I am more concerned about was their two boys, so young and now have to be decided at the courts. Haih.

So, this makes two separations and a Death from my friends. Maybe I should not have too much friends. Then I do not have to worry about them. But this is selfish as I worry about a lot of things, from my friends to my families to my things to my life to, well, almost everything. Then again, maybe that's just me.

Accidents on the road

Yesterday, 1840
There was a long traffic jam just about one Km before Rawang (coming back from Ipoh). As I neared the Police cars and all, I spotted a dead body covered up on the right hand side of the road. I can only see his black socks and black shoes. His White Superbike was lying metres away. These SuperBikers passed by me more than half an hour ago. But after the accident, there was not even one Superbiker in sight. Maybe he slipped on the wet road or something else happened and most of them were on the right side of the road, meant for overtaking cars. Lost my mood to drive to 110Km/h anymore and since it was raining too.

This morning,
I was turning into the Hartamas road under the flyover when I heard a loud scruching noise followed by sounds of crashing glass. I looked behind to see a white car (Almost Camry size) swallowing a kapchai. But the rider quickly climbed out. Could not help, so drove on as no one was injured.

This afternoon, 1618
One of the empty roads within the Sungaei Buloh Monterez area. I saw cruising fast with the Hyundai, saw a snake slide ot of the right hand side of the road. Unable to stop in time, I ran over it. I felt the first "clump" as it an over but not the second. When I looked at the rear mirror, I can see the snake folding itself as if it was in pain. The truck behind me did not appear aftrwards. Maybe they wanted to eat the snake. Felt so guilty but if I swerved to the left, I could have crushed its head and if I swerved to the right, I would end up at the road shoulder, and the lorry behind me might hit me too.