Another split

Just heard from me Boss that one of our ex-colleague turned competitor, had separated from her husband. We know her husband and the less said, the better. But what I am more concerned about was their two boys, so young and now have to be decided at the courts. Haih.

So, this makes two separations and a Death from my friends. Maybe I should not have too much friends. Then I do not have to worry about them. But this is selfish as I worry about a lot of things, from my friends to my families to my things to my life to, well, almost everything. Then again, maybe that's just me.


Jeryc said...

Someone we know??

CFC said...


Someone WE know, as Me, Myself and I. No ler, this one sat near to me in my Ex-Company and know nuts about the Internet.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!