The trip to East Coast Part I

When it comes to driving to the East Coast, the worst thing that could ever happen to you would be boredom. Yes, really. You'd be stuck on the car seat for at least eight hours on a long stretch of road usually blocked by other vehicles who thinks that it is alright to drive way below the speed limit. And, since the van has a faulty air-con, we had to wound down the windows all the way and luckily, the evening air were was cooling. If those are not your problems, you'd have to be alert for potential roadkills like cows, chickens and motorcyclists since the road were usually dark. But what really gets me was just the long driving hours. Anyway, reaching there on time was never the plan because of the traffic conditions above.

Still, when we arrived, we were quite disheartened. Having driven all the way, the installation job encountered several problems. So, we have no choice but to continue onwards to Terengganu and stay the night there. This was because on a Friday, both places under the state of Terengganu, were like Sundays; no one worked.

My tech highlighted me about this unusual roadblock.
There is a goat following the cows crossing the road

See the problem here? Yep, no power outlet and not
only that, the most updated action was to demolish
the wall on the right. We didn't weren't told that. And
not only that, the Telekom lines were not commissioned
until Sunday. Yeah, we won't be around to do those.

After walking about, I found this spot, which I think is
Chinatown or something in Terengganu. Onwards, its
a bit narrow, and some shoplots reminds me of Melaka

Thanks to the banana inside me, I could only know how
to order mee-hoon, a big glass of fresh orange and watermelon