It was the SIM afterall...

Hokay, this is embarrassing. Wife's problem with the Phone still persist. For a while, everything was fine and then, all of a sudden, the 'INSERT SIM' message flashed again. I would say, this took about three days.

We were very sure it was not the SIM card that was at fault since it was tested from three phones. Sigh.

And so, the other solution is to have the SIM card replace, which the carrier did, without questions asked. And so, we wasted a few hundred ringgit just to find out that it was the SIM card after all. Damn.

Not again....!

I was driving to Rawang when I heard the unmistakable 'crack'. Another stone has hit the windscreen. Damn. This will be the second time it has happened and if I got for another two more, in theory, it would be the same cost of replacing the actual screen. And yes, the only vehicle within the vicinity was... (drum roll, please) a lorry.

I was so pissed, I took the shot there and then
This is a closer shot of the crack. Luckily, is has not spread.

Unluckily, there were two cracks. The first was the actual crack while the second, I guess, could be a ricochet. Or I could be wrong

Customer offered me some tiny cake but I was not feeling that peckish. Throughout the whole time, I was only thinking about the crack and how soon I can repair it.