Not again....!

I was driving to Rawang when I heard the unmistakable 'crack'. Another stone has hit the windscreen. Damn. This will be the second time it has happened and if I got for another two more, in theory, it would be the same cost of replacing the actual screen. And yes, the only vehicle within the vicinity was... (drum roll, please) a lorry.

I was so pissed, I took the shot there and then
This is a closer shot of the crack. Luckily, is has not spread.

Unluckily, there were two cracks. The first was the actual crack while the second, I guess, could be a ricochet. Or I could be wrong

Customer offered me some tiny cake but I was not feeling that peckish. Throughout the whole time, I was only thinking about the crack and how soon I can repair it.

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