Salvaging stuff

Since today was Saturday and there were no service calls (apart from a customer appointment in Sungei Wang), I had my techs salvage the PCs given by our customer to dispose of. Knowing my customer, there is a good reason why he had to throw them away and just to spend a bit on missing RAMs, HDD and a Windows XP license is not worth the trouble.

So, I taught them how to salvage the power supplies, processors, fans and other stuff which I think could be useful later on. But mainly, its the power supplies I am interested as I am going to turn them into tools for the techs later on. As for the rest, I had some pockets desoldered from the motherboards and then have them all sold, with the PC casing for a meagre RM12 from the iron mongers where a pair of 7AH batteries fetched a better price. Oh well.

These are some of the parts we salvaged (No, not the monitor!)

But for me, I got the processors and their cooling fans!

After thinking long and hard, this is my favourite of all

A visit to Sungei Wang got me another waist pouch (RM70). It is
very much rugged and the design is almost the same as my first
pouch. The one on the left costs me about the same but I got it
in Rantau Panjang last year. It was not that good as the cloth
was too "soft". Still it did serve me well and maybe I should
get it repaired if I see some tailor shop nearby one day.

Losing my Ass

Boss: Wei, come here.
Me: Yeah? What you want?
Boss: No, don't sit there, come look at my PC screen!
Me: Okay. [goes over to this side] . . . . WTF!
Boss: Shhhh! Just help me type la. Your Engrund so good
Me: [Looks at the letter] . . . . Hmmm..... OK, do (this) and then change (that), etc.
Boss: Wai, no need fancy fancy stuff la, [read more] . . . hmmm... sai mm sai, ah?
Me: Well, have to get straight to the point la. No need to tell excuses of limited resources la.
Boss: OK. Then done la
Me: Can I go now? I'll take him to the appointment in Sungei Wang
Boss: Give me 15 minutes to print and then I'll call him in, OK?
Me: OK. [Leaves his office and trying to put on an innocent face]

So, this is how I lost my Ass(istant). He's a lot of problems for both my Boss and my team. Everyone has their own bad stories to tell but I am not in the mood to reveal much. My Boss and I had a talk yesterday and after much deliberation, we decided it was the best solution since our company has very limited resources. No need to waste anyone's time anymore.

So, a few days short of Merdeka, I will be alone again, with more work piling up for me as usual. It was already bad when we have to cover his mistakes but for now, during our drive to the customer, I warned him not to tell the rest of the team because we won't know how they might take it (with shouts of joy or slight cynical sadness)