The Car C

But if you ignore those stuff, even from this angle, it is
a very beautiful design. Still, methinks the front
bumper is a little too "long". Once you park this
car, you will know what I mean

Here you go, another shot.

See? I was right about the wheels jutting out

But the side skirts are still nice, regardless.

By now, most of you would have known the origin of this car. Its A Mitsubishi Colt (or in Australia, MIrage) rebadged by Proton as a Satria. Now, would I want to modify my Satria like that?


The Car B

So, let's look at this car a bit more. It has a sunroof and
although its a good idea, in the long run, it is bad. Not
because of decapitated heads but it leaks water when
the rubber seals are worn

I love this part. Where the wheel arch meets with the middle wing

The car's interior is normal, except for the painting on the dash
to make it look brighter. There are no meters or other stuff in there

Looking from the back, it looked nice until you come
to your senses. I mean, exhaust pipes at the sides?
And no rear window wipers?

The car A

Every once in a while you would come across a modified car which literally takes your breath away or just to put it simply, force you to put on a stupid face. But what really caught my attention was the amount of fibreglass used at the rear, which is nice and also, (I think) the owner widened the rear wheels to make sure they match with the fibreglass

This is the car I saw that made me want to go back twice to
take pictures (OK, so it was dark and most of the pictures
came out blurry) again and again

I mean, what kind of an insane person who would do this to his car?
Never mind, whatever the reasons, I would like to have it

And I don't care even if you call me Ah Beng
Just look at it head-on.

I like the front bumper and also the headlights but not the
bonnet top as it looked too squarish.

Trip to Johor

So, instead of meeting new friends at The Outpost, we had to drive all the way to Johor Bahru to install a last minute PBX system. By the time we arrived, it was about 1PM. So, we got down to work without much hitch (yeah, right) until the "extra" cables were actually old cabling which the owner assumed it coul dbe used. Unbeknownst to them, the previous owner has cut all the cables which were buried in the cement. So, we had to wait for them to call on the cabling guy to come over to pull fresh cables.

And since on the previous day they had pulled the first batch of cables, it was left dangling at the walls. Their excuse was that they had worked with us before and it was out responsibility to find those phone jack panels and installed it ourselves. Nevertheless, we were pissed as this was an out an out lie. In their previous jobsite, we only terminated the cabling to the panels while they created more mess by wiring the wrong way. And since there were about more than 20 panels, we wasted time rewiring them. Luckily, fate was on our side because one of the mnagers say how they pulled the cable, he chastised them for not using proper trunking or piping to protect the cables. And he did not let them go nor sign any documentation until I have terminated and tested every cable they have pulled.

Yeah, I took my own sweet time while he stares fire at me. Heahahahahahaha

Ignore him, he's a good guy and just an
innocent bystanbder. Bwahahahaha