Working undeground II

It was two days later that we got the extra cables we needed. And so, after an hour of dangerous work, we got the cable done. And from there, the responsibility goes to the other team who will terminate (connect) the cables.

Again, we have no cones, etc. except
for the piece of wood which served
no purpose other than to obstruct
us. Even the cars ignored it

Erm, well, it was a tiring job, you know.

Then, when we reached the main MDF room,
we discovered the maintenance staff was busy
breaking the lock put there by Telekom. This
is very weird because they do not "own" the
room. The maintenance Dept. and Telekoms
have been fighting over this for quite some
time, resulting in a lot of broken locks

Once the door was opened, then
I understood why. There were a
lot of expensive equipment in the
room. And I was dumbstruck in
there because its like discovering
a very quiet and intimidating place.
You wouldn't understand but its
like suddenly discovering a hidden
long lost secret room where all your
favourite things since childhood
were kept.

There were cables everywhere, all neatly arranged and
tied to. Whoever did this is a Master of his trade.

So many wires and connections...

In the end, the job is done and what
is more surprising is that we managed
to pack all two scaffoldings into the
van! But of course, its fuel consumption
went sky high.