We agreed to get Kristine some pencils and also one of those table-top pencil sharpeners so that she can draw as much as she wants. So, off I go to Carrefour and got eveything. Unfortunately, after careful inspection, I picked the wrong pencil sharpener. I did not realise this until I got home.

So, I have to wait until the weekedn is over before going back to Carrefour to exchange. And the weird thing was, they would not exchange the item for you. Rather, they refund you the money and ask you to go in and buy the item again. Of you can just keep the money and swear never to return to Carrefour as long as you live.

Kristine was so happy with the presents but she failed to
notice that it wont go through the grill

I got her some books too, which more or less guided her
over the dotted lines on how to write the alphabets
(In the end, the book was full of circles and thrown into a corner)

Ahem, some of the stuff I got for myself.

Yes, yes, move one now, nothing to see here.