The things I get from eBay

They just arrived today and I am quite happy as I thought they would come in May. There is a reason why I need these two items now since its not easy to get them here.

1. The 1/150 scale figures
Actually, they can be bought locally but for the price of RM10.00, you get just a bit. So, for a few more ringgit, I get 100 figures instead, but with the same quality . These will be used for Revell's 1/144 u-2540 Cutaway Submarine. But of course, knowing that this is too good to be true (the price), I suspect it could be recasted from some other model kits...

2. The 100 White OSRAM TopLEDs
Ha. This is a sure winner. I have checked the OSRAM website and it costs about USD2.00 per LED and you have to contact their local distributors. So, one click of the mouse, I get 100 for less than 65 sen each. How about that?