Making clay while the Sun hides

Well, well. Will wonders never cease! Pol got this from a shop which sends to everywhere except Pokok Kapas (Cotton Tree, la)! All day from Monday to Wednesday, I was waiting in the office for it to arrive and never left the place, even for lunch (except today) for fear they might arrive while I was out. The problem was, its COD and its not a nice feeling for them and me when they arrive with the stock and there is no one to pay them. For all you know, their delivery van could smash through the office glass doors with ease.........

And guess what?

Pol ordered from the same Art Shop which I always frequent back when I was working in Kepong. It was literally three rows away from my old office. I used to go there during lunch or when I had some free time in the office. Talk about coincidence.

Anyway, everyone in the office was curious and I had
to explain that these were non-halal doughs used for
making dumplings or special soil for growing a certain
species of morphine mushrooms which ripens every
April 1st.....

OK, so they're about 500g on average
and this means, I am carrying about
10Kg. Wow. I wonder how much it
would cost with Poslaju. Oop. Did I say
Poslaju. Pol hates that word. Ha ha ha!
Let's see if I cam make some C4 or
Semtex jokes and get a bang out of it....

So, I wonder which Postal or Courier service he wants me to use........

Paying attention

I have to start paying attention to the things around me. Fast.

Why? Because this morning, I was so engrossed in doing the web project, I totally forgot about lunchtime. No thanks to my Casio Protrek which still has the "OPEN" message. I mean, with its weight on my wrist, there is no way I can ignore the fact that time is on my hands. And so, a quick rush across the road to get something edible. Don't want any from the canteen because its too full and for the past week, I've been warming my butt. Yeah, its going to be a desk job and more on thinking. This would mean getting fat all over again. Which is bad.

Ever seen a fat guy hopping all over the road trying to cross it while avoiding cars?

So, RM2.50 for the Pau and RM2.20 for the Kickapoo.
Wasted RM1.70. Should have taken canteen afterall.

All the while I was walking all over the place to find
a computer shop, there was this one which supply
PC accessories (close enough as computer shop). All
I had to do was just turn left........ haih. Wasted all my
lunch trips looking for it. So, bluetooth USB dongle
for RM25.00. It could be cheaper but then, I would
have to drive there after working hours.

And sooner or later, I am going to use that damn treadmill across the building. That is, if I can get some cash to buy a decent pair of sporting shorts. They don't allow you to use boxers or underwear; it would be nice as wind between the legs are really comforting. You'd feel as if you're running..... ha ha ha ha.

Saving for tomorrow

I mean, why not? Nothing wrong with eating yesterday's meal today.

Sometimes, during dinner, there IS a lot of leftovers. Not because the girls do not eat but somehow, I am starting to eat less for dinner. Mid-life crisis? Yeah, right.

No, its because the more I eat less for dinner, the more I have for breakfast. My Mom, after everyone has finished their meals, would pack the leftovers as breakfast. Unless my brother, who is not satisfied, would come in and whack everything which leaves me eating bread or other weird stuff for breakfast. So, this means I would save more money.

OK, OK. Sooner or later, its time to break out the oat packs and tuna again.

Hey, this is free. And I don't have to worry about it
unless I came late to work which, by then, this 16
or so hour meal would go bad.

The 2.7Kg Parcel VII (11 hours later)

And so, after more than 16 hours journey, it
finally came to Singapore and had a nice rest.
And now, its waiting for Mr. Customs to deal
with it, knowing its 1st April............