Both girls were excited about using their colour pencils and so, I moved to the table. This is a very old table, which my Dad made for us when we were very very young, to do our homework. Throughout the years, the table had many uses and now, its was the occasional table for the girls. It has come to full circle.

Kristine with her maths book and Kaelynn with her colouring book

Occasionally, there would be some friendly jibes. Which is
good because most often than not, it would end up in a
shouting/crying match and everyone would be pissed

Oh, thank you, kind sir

While I was at the traffic lights after leaving my customer's office, I spotted this poor old lady who sat on the pavement, holding out a paper cup. Most of the people walked past, ignored her but occasionally, some kind soul would take pity on her. Although it is dark at night I had to set to ISO1600. I wanted to take the shot with some people walking past, creating a blur while she is the only clear subject but because the traffics were about to change, I had to compromise and used the opposite car's headlights.

Unfortunately, it turned out shite. I could have changed to the zoom lens (about 20 seconds) but my Bengmobile was shaking too much, even when idling.

Us and Them

Customer: Wei, I got one problem with one of the phones la
Me: Oh, what is the problem?
Customer: Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't
Me: Was that phone using the new port installed by the main distributor?
Customer: Yes. They installed the new cards

So, I went over to the PABX, and looked at the installation of the new card. It was loosely connected and moreover, the cables were not properly arranged. Sigh. Let them have the business and this is how they screw the customer. Its alright for them as they have the resources to make follow up calls but not us. We have to get everything done right the first time.

Me: Oh, here is the problem. A loose connection
Customer: Wah, you're so good! One look and you know the problem!
Me: Well, thats experience for you. And I can bet it was done by a new guy, right?
Customer: Erm could be. We wanted your service but ended up getting from them
Me; Yeah, I remembered that. It was a technical issue because you ordered two items separately and thus, they got the deal
Customer: Yeah........
Me: ......

So, in the end, I folded a piece of carboard and
slipped between the metal clamp and the black
connector. Problem solved.

Pee-ed by an Air-con

Basket! Of all the things happened to me this one really takes the cake. Remember some time ago in June that this customer has a problem with their air-con system? Well, it got worse and still no one came to rectify it. I was halfway programming the PABX when suddenly there was a water coming from the air-con. Trust me on this, the air-con was not leaking water drop by drop but rather, peeing. Its as if it has a broken pipe or something. I stood up, stared at it for nearly 15 seconds before my reflex kicked in and I started shooting with my Nikon D50.

Its a matter of time before the water starts to affect the wall where the PABX and the air-cons are mounted. The walls are not made of concrete but rather gypsum. Already some of the area is affected. And when it does collapse, its not going to be a pretty sight. Everytime I come here, I have to notify the customer. That's the most I can do.

See? I am not joking. It pee-ed on me!

And already the floor and the batteries are wet
(OK, the batteries were already wet when I came in)

This time, I am getting worried because the new
splash is affecting more than the power extension
and its a matter of time before these adaptors are
affected, and make the whole thing go kablooie

Its already trickling water.........

Although there were some splashes to the PABX,
I am not so worried. I am more concerned about
the water being soaked up by the plaster wall
which will make everything mounted on it fall

Sigh, I have to assume this happens very often now

Crispy Prawn Chilli

Sometimes, I think I love sauces more than the food itself. I realise this at one time when there were some food laid on the table and the only thing that came to my mind was what kind of sauce would be perfect for it. And then, I would go looking for that sauce in the kitchen. Then, when going shopping, I would (sometimes) scour the sauce section for that "perfect" chili sauce or something else. When I do get it, I would eat it a lot, sometimes by itself and sometimes with the food.

And two years ago, it was the worst. Practically everyday, I must have black pepper. And not the normal ones but the Sarawak Black Pepper. Black pepper with porridge, black pepper with rice, etc. until Kristine broke the pepper mill and that was that.

And now, the latest one is the crispy chili. This is the Crispy Prawn Chili from Tean's Gourmet, which I can only find in Giant supermarket and nowhere else (at the moment). Its made mostly from prawns and its great to have for almost anything. But because I have some form of allergy to prawns, after eating it i would get the occasional eye itch which I would rub until it turns red. But its a great sauce nonetheless. You can buy the small one for about RM4.59 (I think) or the larger RM8.59. But I must warn you, once you start, you can't stop, at least for me, that is.

This is the MR8.59 version which usually lasts me for a month or two

Look at the red oily sauce inside! But be warned,
you must use a dry utensil to scoop it out. And
if you put it in the fridge, it would freeze up so
you will need to thaw it out unless you want to
put it into something hot.