Us and Them

Customer: Wei, I got one problem with one of the phones la
Me: Oh, what is the problem?
Customer: Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't
Me: Was that phone using the new port installed by the main distributor?
Customer: Yes. They installed the new cards

So, I went over to the PABX, and looked at the installation of the new card. It was loosely connected and moreover, the cables were not properly arranged. Sigh. Let them have the business and this is how they screw the customer. Its alright for them as they have the resources to make follow up calls but not us. We have to get everything done right the first time.

Me: Oh, here is the problem. A loose connection
Customer: Wah, you're so good! One look and you know the problem!
Me: Well, thats experience for you. And I can bet it was done by a new guy, right?
Customer: Erm could be. We wanted your service but ended up getting from them
Me; Yeah, I remembered that. It was a technical issue because you ordered two items separately and thus, they got the deal
Customer: Yeah........
Me: ......

So, in the end, I folded a piece of carboard and
slipped between the metal clamp and the black
connector. Problem solved.

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