Doing Homework

As we're coming to the second week of school, the girls have been handed their homework assignments. For Kaelynn, it was fun at first but then, just like me, I suspect that she never likes routine and after the second day, homework is boring for her.

The girls eating rose apple before doing their
homework. No, Kaelynn is not scheming to
get her sister's rose apple.

As she has her own

Kristine teaching Kaelynn some alphabets

And Kaelynn disturbing Kristine afterwards.

Eveready Torchlight or is it?

Truth to be told, this is actually an impulse purchase. Years ago, this torchlight was almost everywhere but I did not take much notice on it until, yes, after I watched JJ Abrams's 2009 Star Trek. And now, I am getting itchy about this design. Years before there was another torchlight of such nature but it was about 2 inches and runs on some small watch batteries. However, I should have waited for our weekly/monthly shopping trip where it could be cheaply bought for.

So, what does this shape remind
you of?

You could imagine a Bussard Ramscoop in there and
when you cut out a hole at the side, you could install
some warp grilles.

Oh, and a nice vent too. Still don't know what it
could be? Here's one more hint:

"Beam me up, Scotty"

No, I am not fat.

The clip broke. And it has nothing to do with my body. Really.

It broke during our trip to Taiping yesterday and I need to a replacement fast. After thinking much about it, the clip broke because I held the belt at an angle instead of holding it straight. Umm.... how can I explain this.

OK, the belt material is tough and rigid. You can flex it side ways (horizontal movement) but its resistant to being flexed up and down (vertical movement). And so, when I am not wearing it, I should be holding the belt vertically so that the clip on the belt is vertical. And the clip is actually the weakest part of the belt. If I bend it, to say, 30ยบ, the strain of of the belts weight will concentrate on the clip and so, it breaks.

This is what happens when you do not let the belt
hang vertically, say, on your shoulders.

Luckily, there is a shop selling stuff for making clothes
and I got this 1½ inch clip for RM1.50. After some quick
modifications, I got the belt ready. But if you look at it,
its not going to last long and so, even with the spare in
the pouch, I have to look for a tougher design.