HotWheels Obsession III

I was at Lot10 this morning to service a customer. On the way back, I passed through Isetan's Toy Department and noticed the "Buy 2 get 1 free" offer was still on................

So, I decided to buy 12 of them, which means I only have to pay for 4 sets cars (RM39.20). However, two Sales Assistants saw me drooling over the Toys, walked up and asked me which models I was looking for. Not being accustomed to being served, I decided to brush them off, saying I was looking for the Acceleracers (Not available in Malaysia). But once they started to show me a Treasure Hunt car, I was hooked. Damn!

In the end, I bought 12 cars, (RM58.80) which I can have another 6 for free. They even gave me a basket to carry all the HotWheels and helped me put them into the plastic bags.

Ahahahahahaha! I am so greedy!!!

Uncle Ho cares.............

This incident was based on the even last week where a VCD peddler was shot by an Enforcement Officer. A nearby innocent bystander was shot as well.

Click to the link for the hilarious article at TV Smith.

Yes to Uncle Ho. No to Censored Originals