By the time we start our journey, it was already nearing 8PM in the evening. And at the Toll, there was this transporter with a few classic VW’s. I am not sure if it’s the new regulation in force or economy at work. Something about JPJ requiring a car being inspected to determine its roadworthiness before it can be issued a license. But for classical cars, they could be in various stages in restoration and so, it cannot be driven on the road without passing the Puspakom inspection. But my Boss’s argument was that its more economical and safer to hire a transporter to drive it all the way back to KL rather than have eight tired people doing it. Still, again, using my camera, not all the shots were nice. But panning about in the dark produced weird results. Oh well.

Oh, hey look! Its a Yellow VW!


We had to make a trip down South because one of our customers needed to have their PBX system dismantled, brought back up to KL and have it re-installed into their existing branch. They could have asked the local main distributor to do it but then again, they might charge a little bit more. But our concern was that since the customer’s staff does not know much about the system, the technician could have helped himself and when it was our turn to reinstall the system, there is a very high chance of missing items. Since we had a few other customers to visit as well, we offered to dismantle the system, bring it back up to our office, and have it service/cleaned up and document it.

The trip down South is were one of those trips I never did looked forward to because my Boss pointed out that most of the highway routes are straight and when it comes to day driving, I could easily fall asleep at the wheel. Actually, I was not bothered about these driving facts but since he pointed it out, I dreaded going there even more. Even the UEM Engineers were of no help either, closing and opening lanes all over the highway. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Still, there is another reason why we needed to go down there. This was to make sure our customers do not feel isolated. Not only that, there was a site which we assisted and lent our consulting services for over a period of more than eight months only to be lost to an ex-colleague in the end. Still, there was nothing much we could do but to let the customer make their own decision. Since the building was almost ready, we dropped by for a site inspection and Thank God that we did not get that job as we just realized the cabling was all wrongly pulled. Even the proposed spot for the PABX is a bit out of whack. So, to correct it would be very costly and time consuming since the cabling contractor would not be paid for it, I guess. Not only that, there would be a huge problem during the installation as being a newcomer, they would not know how to allocate the lines.

In the end, I just know that we would be called in to help rectify the mess. We might even have to charge our services to that ex-colleague of ours under the instruction of the customer, create friction and also maybe a slap in her face. damn.

I just had to take this picture as it really reflects my
mood at that time after seeing we have lost that bid
for nothing.

On the way back, I tried some night photography which turned
out quite bad. Yeah, I should have read the manual years ago.
The first test shot was OK but when my intended target
showed up, I completely messed it up. Not only was it
dark and raining, it was quite a challenge to shoot from
a moving vehicle stuck in a jam and with a dying set of
batteries. I could not use flash as they could
just walk over and caused a ruckus.

This is a picture of two workers sitting at the back of the lorry with
some makeshift rain shield from cardboard scraps.
And it was raining.
Those poor poor people.