Of Omnitrixs and Energy Swords

After last night's events, I 've completely forgotten about this until this morning when I remembered there was another plastic bag I forgot to bring into the house. This was during our trip to the GM Plaza that I stopped by one of the Toy suppliers on the way to Plaza Damas. I brought Kristine there hoping to score on the working Ben10 Omnitrix which costs about RM129.90 on the streets. But we were disappointed since they only have the static imitations ones, which costs RM6.90. After going to another store (a few doors away) I got it for MR6.00. And then, that was where I discovered something new. Apaprently, they got in some Storm Hawks toys. It was the energy swords. Further searching for items like action figures and also the humongous Condor battlecruiser proved disappointing.

And so, for RM22, we got two Ben10 Omnitrix and one Battle-Ace
Energy sword.

There were two versions but I got Aerrow's

Kristine was pleased as pie with her new
Omnitrix. But it was too loud.

And so, the girls played with, and
enjoyed their new toys, including
my Energy Sword, which I was
hoping to make it as my,well, er,
ah, I also dunno what. Haih

Here, the downside is, Kaelynn realised the Omnitrix cannot
activated via a smack on the palm just like in the cartoon
Kristine tells her she is the "bad guy" and Kaelynn must
use the
Omnitrix to defend herself .... oh-oh.

Halfway, they stopped to eat some nice stuff....

Which happened to be the pistachio nuts and some muruku

Sadly, the Omnitrix's were forgotten......... wasted my money
summore. But never mind, once its completely forgotten, I will
use it for my (any) projects that comes to mind.

Unfortunately someone is eyeing my
Energy Sword and won't let go