What the fuck, man.

Am I suck a fucking loser that I can't even afford an iPad?
I know someone is laughing at me, not being 'man' enough to make the purchase!

And even if I saved enough, it will be too late because iPad 2 would be launched.

I think I am going to borrow some money even if it affects me.

At last!

The whole factory has been going nuts due to the biiiig
order from an anonymous customer and mine just came
out today. So I called the customer on the pretext of
being the bearer of bad news (as in delayed delivery)
only to surprise them with the Diary. Everyone was so
happy because this time, the diary design not so 'boring'
for them anymore. And yeah, days later, the diaries have
all disappeared
like hot cakes. And the customer wants
me to come back
again next year with more designs.