Furore over Racist Blog Posting

Sammy Chan, 22
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Indians are useless son of bitches!

I had the most numb experience today. I thought being sleepy and woozy was bad enough.

Wait till i tell you what happened during lunch in the office area today.

Some INDIAN teenager grabbed my phone (which was on the table, right beside my hand) and ran off.

Yes I KNOW. Despite what everyone said about not leaving your phone on the table, I did it.

How the heck to prevent? It's not like I can hold on to my phone while I'm eating. I'll definitely drop it if I put it on my lap. ANd i thought it would be safe enough on the table, very very near to me.


I'm not trying to be racist but it's always INDIAN. It's INDIAN's fault.

I don't care if I'm sued for racism.

I HATE INDIANS. It's bad enough they are famous for being drunk and rude (most of them anyway). Now, they carry the reputation of being stealer, robbers, rapist, idiots, morons, drunk bastards, and the list goes on...

SUE ME you idiotic Indians. SUE ME, darn assholes.

Complained all you want on my blog and my chatbox. I promise I won't sensor any comments.
You come and complain if you dare. If you half-heartedly think it's true, then don't even bother suing me.

Because I know you Indians (the good ones) know it's true!

You Indians got no hands and legs to work and earn money is it? Stealing from other people is a happy thing and your source of income eh? Wait for the day of your fall and people will kick you on the roadside for stealing.

Note: Now i've to perform my usual ritual to curse that asshole who stole my phone to die on his way out from my office building. Get knocked down by a car and die beside my phone. Even better if I'm the one who knocked him down.
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That was the posting from http://sammy-bammy.blogspot.com/ on Sept 23 (which is now open to invited readers only). And after receiving a lot of replies, this is her "face-saving get out of trouble" reply on October 3rd:

To the critics

I just wrote an entry 2 days ago since I have so much angst when my phone got snatched.
And today my blog is flooded with comments. So this post is to answer all queries.

Honestly, i accept all the comments! Haha, maybe i'm too busy with work today i went cuckoo.

Yes yes i am racist, but not all times. It doesn't help the fact that most of the phone snatchers i heard are Indians. Or Malay or Indons.

And wow?! I didn't expect so many people to read my blog. Except for my few friends. Do ppl google for 'racism' blog entries these days?

And I'm not contradicting myself, cos i know although there's alot of baddie indians outside..there are a lot of nice sweet ones too.

I have a quite a few Indian friends, and they're all nice. I salute them for being the best among their race; with all their mind set to success.

As for those who steal for survival, i despise them and I spit on them. Are healthy body made for running fast after stealing something? I guess not.

And..I'm not a dramatic person, it's only my life that oftenly takes a dramatic turn . So, I'm not trying to be any famous dramatic blogger. No thanks. Can't find the time to entertain comments on my blog.

Sorry if I offended any Indians. You should know that if you're one of the good, educated ones then you shouldn't be disturbed by what I say.

Btw, a person gets all rights to curse when he/she's really angry kan kan?

So, what happens? Yep, Hindraf and the Police happened. Can I say its her fault for carelessly leaving her phone on the table? Yes? No?

But whatever it is, the Secret is out.
Its one of those Public Secrets where everyone knows it but won't say it out (loud) except behind closed doors. Everyone who has been brought up would hear tales about these people and even experience them. Let's face it, it has been ingrained into us since we were young. But there are both sides to the coin and its very hard to prove yourself when the stigma is attached. I have been advised against them, everyone I know, also tells me the same story, even by those dearest to me. And everyone one I know has either been told about the same thing or experienced it themselves. But deep inside, I really want to believe its not true. I really want believe we are the same.

So, what happens to her? I don't even know but if everyone is going for her jugular, its not going to solve the problem in the slightest. So, find the source why it has come to this. Yeah, its going to be a monumental task and would take a long time.

Everyone is lovey dovey in La-la Land but all it takes just one spark and the whole thing hits the fan. If I don't say it, someone else will and if they don't someone they know will and so on. So far, (touch wood) I have been lucky but I cannot even trust my own judgement when it happens.

LIttleRed Riding Hood at Mid-Valley

This is the final weekend before everything goes back to normal. By Sunday, everyone would have come back from their Hari Raya Holidays, clogging up the Highways and so on. Still, it was a nice change for us as sometimes, going to Mid-Valley can really be a real hassle what with everyone having the same idea and thus jamming up the road.

But tonight, it was no to be. Everything was smooth. No jams and although the crowd was large, there was ample parking space. After completing our shopping for groceries, we had a lot of time to explore the shops. But because of Kristine and Kaelynn, we had to stop to get them some ice-creams and carry them all over the place, we were too exhausted to fulfill our brief freedom.

Here she is, the Little Red Riding Hood.
As cheeky as ever

Now, she is trying to be Spiderman pulak

Playing peek-a-boo with Kaelynn

Most of the shoppers started to come towards the Center Court
as the Gamelan Performance had started. However, when I
approached nearer, it was not worth taking close-ups as the
band members looked bored with their tulan face. And at
ISO800 setting, it was already difficult to shoot what with
all those lighting playing havoc with the White Balance