NERF Revonix 360

Mention the word NERF and yeah, everyone who knows it would start to think about kids shooting rubber tipped foam darts with their NERF Blasters. But somewhere along the way, the NERF Vortex was introduced, which was foam edged discs. The main difference was that these discs can ricochet.

Prior to the introduction of the Revonix, there was another NERF blaster called the Pyragon which has a removable 40-disc drum. The Revonix however, does not; it has a 30-disc drum built into the blaster. But its design was what got me, a reminiscent of a grenade launcher and not only that, although the drum places the discs vertically, the mechanisms will flip the disc horizontally, ready for firing.

You load each disc via the pump-action grip at the front and, well, the sound and the feel of each slide was so, satisfying.

I was woken up from my afternoon nap today an heard my daughter figuring out how to load the discs. Long story short, after I have shown them, I caught them trying it out when I was not looking. So, yeah, they're interested in the blaster which means, I have no chance of playing with it anytime soon...

This is the NERF Revonix 360 which I got for a very good price and was more than 55% off what you'd pay at the shops.
Yeah, its long. Unlike the Pyragon, the Revoix ammo drum is integrated and if you're used to loading it while on the run, it's very effective.

The Revonix accepts all NERF accessories except the shoulder stock from the Retaliator.
It looks quite nice with the NERF Raider's shoulder stock.

Alas, the girls have taken interest in it and so... there goes my fun-time

08022016 Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

This time, its the year of the Monkey and I am so blessed to already have two of them in the Family. As soon as we have performed the Tea Ceremony, and Prayers, the first agenda of the day would be a Family trip to... Mid-Valley.


This was because we're going to look for some items for me to bring over to Kuching such as a non-stick rice cooker, some cooking ingredients comprised of mainly crispy chilies, Kewpie mayonnaise, packet soups and so on. I was hoping to get a fruit blender too.

This was Kaelynn's idea and it's very nice as long as they don't fall off.
She could not use stronger tapes as they will peel off the paint.

CNY Deco at Mid-Valley is so meh

Certain lantern fishes have revolving weights to give the impression of movement.

Dinner at 3rd Floor Foodcourt

OK, so they did not like my Assam Laksa

Over here in the Peninsula, for plain noodles, we have Vit's but over in Kuching, there's Maggi.
The very same Maggi that makes instant noodles.

The prices for the Yee Sang is quite cheap but I did not buy them.
Later when I arrived to Kuching, I was told they cost two times more...

This is unbelievable. One and a half hours after their dinner, the girls were hungry again...

Right. Bovril and Marmite are now officially Baby Food.

We went up and down between Jusco and Jusco Lite to compare for the best mini rice cooker that can be carried inside the Luggage. But in the end, it was checked in as extra cargo, which meant we could have bought a slightly bigger one. Also, due to the cost of the rice cooker, I forego the fruit blender for this month.
The great thing about this trip was that we could go out as a Family again, something which I missed as such trip was months ago. So, I get to see how my daughters behave and also, how much things have changed in weeks.