What I did today III Part Three

And so, just after lunch, Mommy unexpectedly came back. And she said the magic words, "Let's go to Mid-Valley.....".

And so, we went there for some shopping.
While Mommy was testing the swimsuit
for Kaelynn, I took Kristine to the shoes
department and asked to choose a new
pair of shoes which broke last week.

Kristine: "Yes"
Me: "No"

Kristine: "Yes"
Me: "No"

Me: "Yes"
Mommy: "No"

Saw this small little rechargeable robot. Years ago,
they came out with small cars, and this one is now
a robot, called Robo-Q. But at RM99.00? Crazy

We paid 20sen to have the machine tell us
Kristine weighs 15Kg

We paid another 20sen to get the machine
to confirm our disbelieving eyes that this
little Kaelynn is weighing 13Kg.

Light afternoon snack at the Arena. The rojak is
generously sponsored by some sugar factory while
the friend thingy is delicious.

This girl took half a cup of corn and waffles

This girl took one and a half cup of corn
and bits of real food.

Running around at The Gardens.
I like this glass walkway

Because the supports looked quite stable

Tri-coloured fountain which is nice because
of the synchronised water pumps

Styrofoams at Art Friend, had to go there
because I needed some plastic board.

On the way back, acrobatic stunts
in Mid-Valley's Central Court.

Mommy: "Yes"
Kristine: "Noooooooo"

What I did today III Part One

Yes, if you do no t already know, I am addicted to Pasar Road. And just to prove how addicted I am, I just went back there this morning. Yep, three days in a row. No, there is no girl I wanted to see, except for that wonderful young chap over the counter. Hahah haha.

Anyway, today was also another happy moment for me because I get to fetch the girls back from school. They were so happy to see me, that they told everyone "My Dad is here!". I wonder if they would say the same thing 5 years from now............

Kaelynn coming out of her class, to go to a waiting
room where they would be called for when their
parents show up. A systematic way to ensure no
child gets missing when a parent shows up. Unlike
a cloning facility...

Once they reach home, it was
clothes-of session. I am starting
to worry about Kristine's sense
of fashion...

See what I mean?

Later, after lunch, I got her to change to a more
decent fashion. Then again, maybe I should've
chosen the clothes for her instead........

What I did today III Part two

After much deliberation, the idea of using those tiny crocodile clips and a small magnifying glass is out. Even if it costs less than Rm50.00. I am aiming for the bigger one, which, at the last window shopping session, was priced at RM250.00 the least.

This reason I chose this was because apart from doing electronics, I would like to take up plastic model hobby again. And this is where the small unit it useless. I needed these because in just less than a year, my eyesight has deteriorated rapidly. Which means, I can still see but not the finer things. So, just after my project board bulk purchase, I decided to go to my third favourite store, hoping they would sell it and also at a lower price. And to my surprise, it was being sold for RM100.00 cheaper, spec for spec (apart from the base clamp design, which I am sure was bigger).

And so, I took it home for RM145.00

Apart from it just being a normal table top fluorescent
lamp assembly, the only difference was the lamp unit
and the big 5x magnifying glass. If I am not mistaken,
the Rm250.00 version is 5.5X but its not important

What I am more concerned is the size of the
table clamp, which I wished was bigger. But
one day, I'll just make my own replacement

And then there is the lens which has no cover, so I
will have to DIY one in case there is sunlight coming
in while no one is in the house.

But the reason why I chose this model is because of
the diffuser cover for the lamp. This would give me
a lot of soft light compared to those normal clear
covers which is glaring. In theory, this would not
make my eyes tire easily.

The first test for the lamp, which is to spot all the
ikan bilis in the Nasi Lemak.

And after that, Kristine used it to
stick some double-sided tapes
to a book....

Although the magnification is great, there is a lot
of distortion once you view it near the edge. And
because the design is not sturdy enough, the lens
tend to wobble when you touch it. This will make
me feel seasick or experience a nice headache.

One thing I notice about buying components in bulk
is that not only are they cheaper, but here in this
shop, you get them right off the manufacturer's
strip/case and not random pickings stuffed into a
plastic bag. And for the resistors, they take the
time to label the values for you too.

Mr. Tan was kind enough to let me have this roll
of ribbon cable with a discount too. If I went and
bought the normal grey ones, which is according
to my design spec, it would have cost me more.

And why I am worried about cost? Because I have
tabulated everything from component purchase to
to actual cost per board. Not adding International
shipping cost, there is a lot of money invested into
this simple project. Luckily, my last Boss was
kind enough to get my last pay out quickly.