MIC Quality

Let's face it. Whether we like it or not, we're buying MIC (Made in China) stuff. And just like getting a Proton car a decade ago, the quality depends on your luck. I have no doubt that China can mass produce items. With Billions of people there, churning out thousands of items an hour is not a problem. But for me, like many other consumers, the main problem is the quality of the product. Unless it manufacturing for a reputable company, quality assurance does not exist.

Take for example, this electronic housing. I did not
get it from my usual supplier because they
did not
have the stock. So, I went next door and
bought one.
When I wanted to use it months
later, I was horrified
to see this: The plastic walls have burst out or rather,

All over the edges have this problem. Apparently,
this was from the white waterproof seal which caused
it. The theory here is either the seals were too hard
and expanded, or, the walls of the casing was too
thin, or, the quality of the plastic.

After looking at all the edges, I strongly believe
that its all three.

And so, like all MIC products, you cannot get it 'repaired' or even do a swap since they're so cheap, its not worth the effort. But here, in this case, I am not even going to bother, not because it has lapsed for a few months but it reinforces my trust to the only shop which sells quality products. They really do a check for all MIC products, and even have an 'agent' there in China to make sure they're getting the 'right' items.

What are they doing?

If you're asking, "Are they planking?". The answer is, 'No'
because I have absolutely no idea what they're doing