Whenever they want to have things to eat, we would insist the girls have some thing like a bowl or a plate. But sometimes, when they discover new stuff to eat, they would get very excited and would grab whatever they can find to serve as containers. Sometimes, this is a bit out of hand. You try to teach them the right way and then watch them as they use their wits.

This is Krsitine's container, from Chinese New Year

When Krsitine is busy with her Honey Stars,
Kaelynn decided to help herself to Kristine's

She poured and poured and poured....

Oh, crap!

"Girl, why did you take your pants off outside here?"

"Did you go shi-shi (urinate) out here?"

"[sniff][sniff] What is that smell?"

"Oh My God!!!"

Krsitine crapped outside the house in onto the drain