1,2,... split

I met one of my friends for an impromtu lunch today and she is getting on well.

Although the papers are yet to be drafted, it is so sad they have to end like this. There is no possibility of any recociliation as both parties have already started on their own paths and swept or threw away all the broken pieces. Both their life's goals are different too. As far as their children's future is concerned, once the draft is ready, their education is guaranteed. With one at growing 5 and the other at inquisitive 3, its not going to be easy.

Still, with some stories from her side, it is not that easy to take it all in.

But we both agree, this is the start of the same cycle and there is actually no change in him, except for the outer shell.

With that in mind, whatever appetite I had, was lost.

But on the other hand, we're invited to her place for gatherings and maybe some swimming too.

Oh well, life goes on, even if you have stomped on the brakes.