Bengmobile is rusting

This morning, as I was about to get out of the car,
I noticed drops of water on the middle console. As
it rained quite heavily last night, I first began to
suspect that I did not close the car windows the
night before. But then again, the seats would have
gotten wet too. So, After searching and eliminating
all other possibilities, I looked up........

Only to see the courtesy light LEDs submerged in
water. On and off, it flickered and I thought nothing
of it. Why, just last week, I took it out and cleaned
the contacts and repositioned the LEDs again.

Well, the cover is filled with water and ......... rust!

Thank goodness the LEds are still OK. Or I
would have wasted RM25.00 for nothing.

Back to the story. Apparently, I did not look hard
enough because there are rusts everywhere. This
is a bad sign because it means the roof is in a very
bad shape. And so, I have to see how much this is
going to cost since they would be cutting the roof
out and getting a transplant for it.

So, I am suspecting, the water could be from
this hole.....

Or this hole.....

Or this hole. Or maybe, it could just be from the rubber
seals on the windscreen which we discovered and plugged
it in 2003. Stupid workers at Proton most probably start
applying the seal from the top instead of the bottom as
over time, the join would shrink and so, creates a gap for
the water to seep in. This happened to my Wife's Wira.

As for the the bonnet, it can be replaced easily. But not the roof. Lets see how things are by next week since its still school holiday. And when its sent to the workshop, I won't have a car to move about.

Forgotten FAIZ toy

While cleaning, I came across this toy which I have completely forgotten. It something to do with the Kamen Rider FAIZ series. This is a toy where you (as a brainwashed kid who got your Mommy or Daddy to buy it for you for an obscene amount of cash) strap it to the leg or something. Well, I am not going to do that since my legs are quite thick.

What I am going to do now, is to put some batteries in it and .............whee!

Oh, OK. After a few minutes of fun, I am taking another
serious look into the toy. Its actually a pair of binoculars
and I know I have posted this before. Once you slot in
your FAIZ card thingy, it transforms into some rocket
boosting thingamajic.

Voila! Sadly, the sound effects for this RM1xx.xx
toy is lacking. But that is not my problem because
I remember buying this for a fraction of the price
from Litt Tak a few years ago. Yes, its going to
come apart soon..... heh heh heh.

Anti-termite exercise

When I heard that there are termites in KK, I was not pleased at all after their first encounter which turned most of my stuff into crap. And so, this time, my plan is to protect the remaining stuff. And the only solution is to wrap them and/or keep them in plastic boxes. Unfortunately, due to budget and car space, I only managed to get three boxes. And so, for the next three hours, I collected and filtered all my stuff into the boxes, yet I wished I bought more. I also wished I have the space back home to store them as well, so that they're always right in front of me and not hidden and forgotten.

I wonder if the termites did this.....

In the meantime, the girls were downstairs
behaving themselves. Or so I thought until
I came down and sorted them out.

No wonder someone did not do bento anymore........